Welcome to Iomramh 2011

This is a website for Iomramh 2011 - an expedition from the south of Ireland to Scotland, Faroes and Iceland in search of Celtic connections,

Introduction to Iomramh 2011 by Breandán Ó Cíobháin.

For now, the record of the trip is 'Donals Diary'. From the various diary pages you can access the relevant photos and videos made on the trip. These photos and videos are a representative selection only, if you require other material contact Donal.

If you have digital material photos or anything else, which you would like to contribute, please send it to Donal.

We are grateful to Arant Hansen for these photos which reflect the wonderful way that Iomramh 2011 were treated when we visited Gotu, in the Faroe Islands.

Many thanks to Gunnthor for THIS COLLECTION of photos from Iceland section of the Iomramh 2011.