In Tvoroyri


In Tvoroyri

Photos: Tvoroyri.

A lot of hangovers today!

The first task, after cleaning up last night’s mess and having breakfast was to get some local currency, Faroese Kroner. The Faroes were not affected too badly by the recession, just lost one bank which was allowed to go bankrupt – a thing we were told in Ireland to be inconceivable? Anyway my bank card worked fine in the local ATM.

Next problem was that the plug on my lap-top didn’t fit the two-pin system here. I couldn’t get an adapter so bought a new plug and cut off the old one.

Went for a walk around the town, similar in size to Miltown, but only one pub and one hotel,  but every house, almost, has a private slipway for their boats. It is not at all a touristy place. The landscape is more like Dingle with the houses around the edge of the island and mountains in the middle. The houses are very colourful and roofed with corrugated iron or plastic ? covered by grass sods – traditionally the grass was laid on strips of birch-bark, which was waterproof. One grass roofed house appeared to be in the process of saving hay, on the roof!

There is lots activity on the fishing scene – lumps of whale meat outside the shops.

The only livestock have seen so far are sheep, a lot of them black.

While walking through the town it started to rain – a man came out from his hardware shop and called us in, to shelter. We had a long chat, and he looked up the weather forecast for us – bad.

There are two heaters on the boat, and both are broken and the alternator needs urgent attention but the hangovers seem to be getting in the way! Life is difficult without being able to charge phones, camera and laptop batteries, as well, of course, as lights etc on the boat.

The pub, where I am writing this, is a nice old fashioned traditional type, with internet access. Some mobile phones seem to work also, and Danny made his report to R na G this morning.

Some people have gathered into the pub tonight, having heard about the Irish music but only one of them contributed a song and our performers were a little worse for ware after last night!